Friday, January 6, 2012

My Favorite Scents

Hey guys, I think this is day 5, honestly I don't know:) Buuuuttt yeah. does that really matter? Well, this is going to be a scenty video, and you know, like basically everyone ever says in any scent video, I am NOT good at describing smells. So yeah, just get over it. I will have the actual scent descriptions under each one. Ok. Also, I will not have pictures. I am now on MY own computer. Before I was on my madres porque mine was in the shop. I am obviously hard on my laptop because it was missing 11 screws. ELEVEN!! How???? I dont know. But yeah, I don't have any pictures on this computer yet but will eventually. Ok this intro was extreeemely long, let's just get into the scents.

1. Vera Wang Princess (original)
This is one of my favorite perfumes. I love it! It's soft enough to wear everyday, but also good for a night out. I don't know. I just love it. Here is what the description is:The scent sparkles with the captivating, sweet, tart aroma of delicate lady apples and the coveted tahitian tiare flower and finishes with a tasty vanilla chiffon - a treat fit for royalty!

2. Bath and Body works Coconut Lime Verbana
I'm am gonna go ahead and say it. This is my all time favorite scent. Ever. Ever. It's true. This is my go to scent. I freaking loooove it. If you don't like coconut you won't though. It's very summery but I love it all year round. Here is the description: WHAT!!! IT'S DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! SORRY GUYS, DON'T HAVE A SCENT DESCRIPTION! MUST! CHECK! EBAY!

3. Ok guys, I think I'm done. I am seriously freaking out here. But my last scent is Bath and body works candle (slatkin and co) in homemade cookies. If anything, this is my favorite of the moment. It is actually burning right now. It's almost done and I am going to have to quickly buy a new one. It basically smells like buttery, chocolate, vanillay cookies. If you don't like baking scents don't buy it.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!

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